No Longer a Chore


As you can see my collection of shaving paraphernalia has grown somewhat since my last post about shaving. I think I can safely say that shaving has become a bit of a hobby for me now. Which is pretty odd when you think about it, as it is something that I have done virtually everyday for the last 35 years or so. It was a part of my daily routine that I just used to get on with and think about as little as possible.

Now shaving has become something I look forward to each day – even to the extent that when I have a day off from shaving, which I think is good for my skin, I feel I am missing an opportunity now. I love the fact that now when I shave I have a choice of razors, shaving brushes, blades, soaps and creams. It makes shaving something that I want to think about. Deciding on the optimum combination of tools and products, and still experimenting with different techniques to get a good shave has become something I look forward to each day.

It has been fun researching and then trying different things. My husband is relieved as I knew exactly what I wanted for Christmas this year and knew where he could get it from online too. He is also getting used to packages of shaving bits arriving via the post now even though he doesn’t share my interest as he is enjoying growing a beard now that he has left the armed forces.

One of the best sources of information I have found has been the Youtube channel of someone who obviously shares my interest. His videos at Nickshaves are accessible and informative. It is clear that wet shaving and Double Edged (DE) Safety Razors are much more popular in America than they are here in the UK so some of things he reviews I have not been able to find in UK suppliers. I have found a good selection at keen prices though at The Shave Lounge. Their free postage and cash back certainly encourages me to look there first for what I want to try next.

As for the actual results of the shaving, I am getting better and have found some things that really seem to work for me. The iKon ShaveCraft 101 Dual Head DE Safety Razor, my Christmas present and pictured on the left below, is one of my current favourites especially with the Persona blades also shown.

IMG_4438.jpgI have also found that I am getting better results with shaving soaps now than the shaving creams I initially favoured. My current favourite is Cella Crema da Barba Shaving Soap which produces a great lather and has simply divine scent of cherries and almonds too. I find it fascinating that some of the products I am enjoying using have been around for a long while, like the Cella which I think was first made in 1899. I am definitely getting a better shave now, closer and with less nicks. I have had very few ingrowing hairs since starting to use a DE razor and no razor rash either. My skin is feeling much better too.

I have to admit that shaving does now take me more time now, but only five to ten minutes more. I don’t mind this as not only am I getting a better shave than I used to, but a chore has been replaced by something that I now enjoy, which must be a good thing. In fact it has got me thinking about other chores in my life and how I can make these more enjoyable. Do you have any suggestions?


About Sean Kent

Accountant and non-executive director based in Norfolk. Interests include coaching, food, wine and technology.
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