Shaving Update

double-edge-safety-razor-shave-918x516After extolling the virtues of double edged (DE) safety razors a while back I though it was time to give an update on how my new skill is developing. I’m still very much committed to using a DE razor and am still getting a much closer shave than I did with cartridge razors. I get the occasional nick but no more than I did with cartridges and I think they are much finer cuts and therefore seem to heal much faster. I have only had one ingrowing hair and that was after I used my old electric razor for a quick clean up before going out one evening for dinner. When using cartridges ingrowing hairs were a real issues f or me with a couple most months, so this is a major improvement for me.

Time wise I am getting faster, this morning I timed my shave and it took 7 minutes for three passes and a clean up around the chin after not shaving for a couple of days. The resulting shave was excellent. I don’t really know how long I used to take with a cartridge razor and I don’t really want to go back to using one and finding out, but I don’t think it is now taking me much more than three to four minutes longer than it used to.

I treated myself to a Feather “AS-D2” All Stainless DE Safety Razor, a few months ago. s-l225
This is made in Japan from 100% stainless steel. It is allegedly like no other safety razor with the craftsmanship and quality of finish being second to none. I use this with Feather blades, which are reputed to be some of the sharpest blades that you can get and I have to admit that the resulting shave is excellent. The razor just glides over my skin and sometime the sound of the hairs being cut is the only sense that I have of the shave. I still use my iKon ShaveCraft 101 Dual Head DE Safety Razor, which I got for ikon-shavecraft-101-dual-head-de-safety-razor-2Christmas as well. This is particularly useful if I haven’t shaved for a day or so, as the open combed side doesn’t clog up on the first pass. I am currently using this with Personna Platinum Chrome blades. Both of these razors are more expensive than the razors that are usually recommended for men first starting to use DE razors, but the extra costs is easily justified. The handles are much better and less prone to slipping when you hand gets wet and the head covers the whole blade without leaving the ends sticking out. This later is an issues as I have occasionally caught myself on the bits that stick out on the cheaper razors. The whole feel of these razors is my solid and substantial, which I like.

If someone was asking me for advice on starting to use a DE razor now I would suggest that if they could afford it that they started with the iKon, but if they weren’t sure then a cheaper option would be the Muhle R89 DE Safety Razor which I still use from time to time, but just doesn’t give as good results as either the iKon or Feather. I hesitate to recommend the Feather as a starter razor for those for whom money is no object as it does give a much closer shave than the iKon and I wonder whether it might just put someone off if they haven’t learnt how to use a DE razor.

I still recommend checking for any purchases, as not only is the pricing competitive and their service good but they also provide free postage and cash back  too. I you do decide to have a go with a DE razor then I’d love to hear how you get on.


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