A Close Shave…

I have beard envy, especially now that beards are back in fashion. However as my hair is very curly and wiry, whenever I have tried to grow a beard it very quickly grows back into my face. Add to that the increasing amount of grey hair and any attempt to grow a beard for me is uncomfortable and the result always seems scruffy. So shaving is a part of my daily (well almost) routine. I don’t mind shaving in fact I quite like the sense of routine about it

What I don’t like is the cost of razor blades and a very effective way I found of reducing this is the Razor Pitrazorpit_1This useful gadget cleans and sharpens cartridge razor blades and is easily used on a daily basis. I used to have to change my blades weekly, now using this I find a blade easily uses a month. Which is quite an improvement, especially as I tend to shave my face about 6 times a week and also use the same blade to shave my head twice a week too.

However a more recent discovering has improved my shaving experience and potentially will save me even more. I don’t think I had heard of safety razors before a few months ago. Now I regularly use one and have found the experience much more enjoyable, as well as being easier on my skin too.  

I decided to start with a Merkur 34C, which was one of three recommended by Executive Shaving in their very useful beginners guide. The first thing that I noticed when I got it was how much nicer it felt than my cartridge razor. It had a lovely solid quality feel too it. Despite following their instructions carefully I have to confess that my first shave, although being very smooth did result in a few nicks and cuts. However it felt much kinder to my skin so I persevered and found subsequent shaves better. To be fair it does take a little longer to shave with a safety razor but only a few minutes and the results are definitely better so I think it time well spent.

I’ve also been impressed by the range of different types and makes of safety razors and the fact that you can use an even wider variety of blades with most of them. I do wonder how much of a difference there will be between them, but I am looking forward to experimenting  in the coming months. It also feels good to have this degree of choice when there is very little in modern cartridge razors, which given how different our hair and skin is seems odd in retrospect. Do let me know if you are interested in knowing more about the different razors and blades that I shall be trying over the next few months.


About Sean Kent

Accountant and non-executive director based in Norfolk. Interests include coaching, food, wine and technology.
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